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Contact details

T  07 3211 2765
M 0401 174 340


 Major Areas of Practice

  • Family law and guardianship

  • Industrial/employment

  • Public/administrative

  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Criminal

  • Property

  • Equity

  • Domestic Violence

Robert Lake
Called to the Bar in 2017




Robert has a wide practice, covering administrative law, criminal law, and family law, as well as general commercial matters.


He regularly appears on applications, at trial and on appeal in the State courts (Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal) and Federal courts (Federal Court, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 1 and 2). He also appears at tribunals, principally the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


He accepts briefs for advices, sentencing, appearance at interlocutory matters, and appearance at trials and hearings (up to 2 days' duration). He no longer accepts briefs to appear at trial in party parenting matters, but will appear at interlocutory hearing.


See his personal website for further details.

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